Chapter 14
Chapter 14

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    Dear Aguadepera, thank you for the new chapter. I don't think anyone has said this, but I, and other dedicated readers will wait for this story, and we're grateful for every chapter that advances this grimdark tale. The originality, the incremental storytelling, the interpersonal character dynamics, and the fight scenes culminate into a unique story. I love it a lot. I'll leave an analysis for later - for now, I'll enjoy rereading the chapter and the others in context of each other.

    Also, vengeance for Barry!


    Thx for the chapter


    +1 This one what maybe one of the best, was quite surprise of that bite attack, a thought it was a helmet but its is face ?! man is a berserk cyclope damn.

    We can see how they adapt in such short time, the idea of the duel and snip from the backstory linked into a single chapter was a good move, it showed how vulnerable mc is in is tendency to get wrecked in is battle for more is thirst ( a true battle maniac)
    And our good healer going to have her training arc or complete change or character after this trauma, sure being scared over and over again, with her own pk.

    I hope all goes well, cant wait for the next chapter. i ask myself if in the long run merch might be a thing.


    Wow, this chapter was awesome, one of the best yet. Really interesting to learn about how backstory with big ponytail girl (Kasirga?), I wasn't sure if he had backstory lol, being the 'undead' little bro of the group who taught him pvp, very cool. Now I'm hyped to see him encounter her, no idea how it will go. Will they still team or not? Exciting πŸ˜€
    The demon fight with the honour/duel line was also awesome, I love all of it. Big horns demon was is gnarly. Idk if those 'eyes' have always been on vicious generals cloak, but I just noticed them now and it looks very cool. Plus his helmet opening like a mouth... ahaha I love it. Oh and glad to see healer girl and vicious general back duoing again ^_^


    Very cool, possibly my favourite chapter so far...

    Awesome to learn about his backstory with big ponytail girl (Kasirga?), damn she's kinda terrifying. I rly like the idea of our boi once being this newbie who joined this toptier PvP gang, who called him 'undead' cuz he was bad lmao. I guess he grew up. I wonder how he stacks up with Kasirga now? I'm looking forward to seeing them encounter one another again, whenever it is >:D I wonder if team up or battle, I suspect battle. Maybe fight then team up lol.

    Also the demon duel was dope, I really love these demons with their skills and odd conduct. Duel to the death is awesome, I especially like that the other one came and acted as judge without a word.

    I never noticed those shapes like eyes on his cloak before, idk if they're new or I just didn't see... looks very cool though. And I like that his helmet somehow could bite, idk how that works but its cool lol. Glad to see him back duoing with healer girl anyways.


    Anothee great chapter, THANKS AGUADEPERA!!!


    Oh my fucking lord Aguadepera this is so peak... Like I'm genuinely really happy I found this series due to how brutal and honest the world of omnir the oddity is same goes on how you can really see and feel what the characters are experiencing the way you draw the fighting you can see how well the choreography is by far the most peak manga I've seen this year thank you for another chapter!!


    I look forward to each chapter, please never stop πŸ™

    Very kino, the panel of his cloak making a face was very cool. Like the developement of the 2 main characters here. Excited to see where the story goes

    Mythological Buffoon

    I take it, his head was modified sometime after he joined Kasirga's PK troupe. We've seen his jaw and nose within the flash-back, and him open his now-inhumane mouth during present-time.
    I wonder what would cause such a thing.


    Insanely good, ty so much for making this, one of the best reads i've had in a long time, muchas gracias


    I'm loving the series, its an amazing story being made here, thank you very much for the chapter 14.
    I like how he seems unfazed by such amounts of damage being done to his body, truly seems undying.


    Amazing manga, is very interesting and the designs are good while sometimes confusing to look at,but i like the characters and they act more grim and life like. i hope for more. and note apart is funny seeing your name agua de pera being said in the english coments XD.

    Le Muzi

    Wait so did he kill the ref and the other demon lol... that would be funny of he took that small heal as a chance to kill them both


    Wonderful chapter, i hope we can see the story to the end.


    I remember a 40k meme

    Space Marine (1): "Brother, you lost an arm."

    Space Marine (2): "No, its right there!" *Points at the ground where his limb lies in a pool of blood*

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