Chapter 12

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    It’s an update! What a lucky day!


    First man on the front still, Another great chapter, a bit slow but steady.

    This chapter chapter we can see her strugle full front and Gerald of river pupil getting a hang of it, sad that it seem the little lady forgot to manage her mana.
    Vicious general MC aint gonna be happy about it.
    Goroski time..


    Skill issue tbh


    Fantastic. When's the next one 😀


    Greetings from Brazil. That manga is insanely good. I look forward to more


    Greetings from Brazil. That manga is insanely good. I look forward to more


    I would like to say that I'm happy for the update!! I'm honestly scared for Barry, he seems to be getting overconfident because he killed Jhoon, but there's something exciting about it; if Barry's right in his assessment, then he has a chance of winning against this gang of Onmirs. Especially that player who is squaring up against him; they look like a living grenade.
    The Grenadier Onmir. There is something explosive about their movement.

    On a random note, I recently gave myself a haircut, and I have Jhoon's fade. I don't know if that's a good or bad thing


      I like that hair


    This is really good, this artist is insane.


    Nice nice nice, story good, good drawing, immersive like blame but unique in it's own way.
    Hopping for more chapters!
    Good luck.


    My apologies if my comments are a bit much. I will keep this one succinct.

    Combat Report #1

    Subject: Barry, 2nd Rank

    Equipment: Full-body armor, one longsword

    Martial Arts Style: Cut-oriented swings, wide strikes

    Status: Alive

    1st Opponent: Female Onmir (Placeholder Name)

    Enemy Equipment: Armor (no helmet), longsword (left hand), dagger (right hand), throwing knives

    Martial Arts Style: Multifaceted, Thrust and Cut-oriented, nimble footwork

    Status: Alive

    2nd Opponent: Jhoon

    Enemy Equipment: Armor (no helmet), longsword (left hand), dagger (right hand)

    Martial Arts Style: Thrust and Cut-oriented

    Status: Dead as hell (deserved)

    3rd Opponent: Grenadier Onmir (Placeholder Name)

    Enemy Equipment: Full-body armor, greatsword

    Martial Arts Style: Strike-oriented, massive movement

    Status: Alive

    Final Assessment: Subject engaged Opponent 1, lost, healed by Cleric and O1 retreated. Subject proceeded to fight Opponent 2 and won, killing O2. Subject's prior engagement ended with near-death. Subject gained new information; applied it against O2.

    O2 had precise movement, but lacked nimble footwork, died to diagonal slash against the jaw. Subject was brought to near death via cranial damage - revived by Cleric.

    Subject is currently reassessing their combat data and is ready to engage Opponent 3.


    I really love the art and atmosphere of this comic and the way they both contribute to each other. Plus the story is a really interesting twist on a common tale. I can't wait for chapter 13!


    Now that Chapter 13 has come to pass, reading this chapter feels like pain. I didn't want to say this at first when I read it, but Barry sounded oddly arrogant, like, Anakin Skywalker level arrogant, talking about reaching the rank of Master and escaping, when he still couldn't fight against Jhoon to the fullest effect. Plus, his new opponent seemed even stronger.

    Seeing Barry hold his sword in his right hand, and the Grenadier Onmir hold their sword in their left hand felt inspiring, like perhaps Barry was about to attain a new level and become equal to the players, and this was the signifying moment for him.

    I won't say anymore, but I held out hope for him. I gave absolute faith, but it didn't turn into absolute certainty. It feels unfair, knowing what happens next, and a mixture of hatred and revenge is what I felt after finding out the truth in Chapter 13. The truth of what happens next

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