Chapter 10

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    First ! What a great Day a new chapter !!


    Awesome.The world is expanding nicely.

    Gas Schmimpy

    I am tremendously invested. Look forward to seeing how this altercation plays out.


    I look forward to seeing Goroshky doing what he does best πŸ™‚


    Running away x) ? using allies has decoy, sure he is pretty good at it haha

    i Can see how the following chapter going to get : demon arrived, we get a 3 fight front, our vicious general arrived, take the clearc for heal, but she got no mana, keeping the npc alive and try to talk to him to save them, but it they would still die, end up with her looking into the distance, her npc "friend" die with her husband.(while fleeing)


    Thx for the chapter


    So it was never Demons slaughtering the Villagers near the Jorl Corridor, but other Onmir Players? I see. They must've been the one who massacred the village Emily looted with Barry and the rest, which means they were the ones who graffiti-ed with the dead bodies and wrote "Machines." Looking back on everything, they killed men, women, and even the children, so they're certified monsters.

    My bet is this: they're probably deluded, thinking that if they kill the Villagers, they can perhaps break the game or meet some type of unknown quest requirement. It sucks that Barry and the rest of the Villagers aren't strong like the Onmir, but if what Rin said is true, then it means as humans, they'll be able to carry on. If Goroshky can rendezvous with Emily and beat the other Onmir players, could he perhaps train the Villagers to fight against Demons and other Omnir?

    That'd be interesting, but I have a feeling he might not make it in time. I'm rooting for Barry if he's still alive. Anyways, thank you for the beautiful chapter, Miss Aguadepera


    So, I do this weird thing in real life and when reading this comic: I count people and try to track their movement. It seems this group of Onmirs are a party of four or five (there could be more) - the woman, the black-haired guy who looks like a d-bag, the guy with the pole-arm, and two helmeted people: one with horizontal slats and the other with small vertical slats. Depending on the play-styles that were mentioned before in chapter 1 and 7, this is what their specialties are: warrior, assassin, and warspear.

    It seems the woman is an ambidextrous fighter, since she was wielding her sword with her left hand and using a dagger in her right. She seems like an assassin due to her long-range attacks and her ability to take control while in close-quarters combat. Out of everyone, she seems the most dangerous. There's something free-form, carefree, and flowy about her combat style. She seems like someone who relishes the kill. The Onmir with the vertical-slatted helmet seems to share a similar fighting style to her, since they killed a Villager with two weapons.

    The Onmir with the horizontal-slatted helmet wields a shield and sword, and that guy with a similar haircut to Barry wields a polearm or warspear. The black-haired guy is a wild card because I can't see what he's holding. Out of everyone though, I don't see someone like a cleric or mage. They all seem like warriors of some sort, so whoever is launching the fireballs might be hiding. I might be reaching, but it seems like Onmir spell-casters have identifiable appearances to denote their profession, unless those pillaging Onmirs are like those Elite Demons that fought Goroshky: combatants and magic-users. These are the observations I made from what I saw.

    As a conclusion for this comment; I feel for the Villagers more and more, just like Emily. Julia is gone and her child won't have a mother. Those soldiers hit by the fireball are burning to death, and I heard that's the worst way to die. Emily had to witness the decapitation of a villager, unable to do anything. Barry is still alive, but he can't seem to win. I'm rooting for him on a visceral, emotional level


    Really good!


    Great chapter, looking forward to more


    Where is chapter 11?? Why did it take so long? Please continue


    Bro I must be dumb as he'll because people here in comment look so smart but I completely lost xD. I'm confused between the name and people so can someone explain to me what is going on please? Is the clerk girl still with the human from the game world ? Are they fighting other player ?? With is the armor guy immortal ??? Thank you if you answer me 😭😭


      hi :3 he they fighting other player, she the cleric girl is a cleric too and the guy with a armor dont die because he get healed for the prota.


    At most we get one chapter a Month, so gotta way maybe the authors has a life to care off or the Comis is secondary, but doesnt seem to his/her job at the moments.
    Even if have got used to dated released from corpo, this is indi.

    So let it cook.


    I just realized something. I found it weird why Onmir players would be attacking Villagers, since they seemed beneficial and helpful, much like normal NPCs in a video game. I finally picked up on it, but the female Onmir player seems very resentful to the people she calls "machines." I bet she and her group are Pkers, since it seems Villagers treat Onmir who kill other Onmir differently. This was mentioned by Goroshky in the beginning chapters; if she and her friends were Pkers before the game became real, then that means they might've been attacked by Villagers once they were trapped. It'd explain her hatred for them. But that's just a hypothesis, a story hypothesis!

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